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"My expectations were fully met. They were to:

-Give our team 'time out' to reflect on our practice both collectively and as individuals.
- Explore ways which why could improve our service.
-Create an opportunity, out with the day to day work, where we could each talk about our hopes and aspirations.

Often these types of team days are about just sitting listening. We all enjoyed how interactive the day was. Everyone getting involved, having a laugh and learning at the same time was great."

Carers of West Dunbartonshire – Team Development Day    August 5, 2014   

"My expectations were to give staff the opportunity as a team to learn about Service User Participation, what this is, why it is important and to recognise what we already do well in terms of participation and look at ways we can improve. I also wanted everyone to come away with ideas on what they will do to improve participation individually and to establish a team approach to Participation. Staff all felt motivated and enthusiastic about the work they will undertake and also took away with them some of the tools they feel would be useful to enhance their practice around participation.

Communication by Charlotte was excellent throughout from the planning to booking information right through to the training on the day. An excellent understanding of exactly what I was looking for and your delivery on the day was pitched at exactly the right level, given we had a mixed bag of new and experienced staff attending."

Action for Children – Participation Skills training    August 5, 2014   

Expected a tailored programme to meet our needs in terms of key issues facing staff and how Hanover is/is not supporting staff in their daily activities. To this end, expectations have been met with feedback positively commenting on how a difficult topic was made enjoyable.

We plan to move the knowledge and understanding elements to an e-learning module, leaving tutor led sessions to focus on skill development. In particular how to respond appropriately when confronted with challenging behaviour.

Hanover Scotland Housing Association    May 20, 2015    Across Scotland   

"I had two staff members speak highly of the training you delivered that they attended. In addition to this, due to the nature of the training and the events that brought it about I needed skilled facilitator from out with the sector and region and you ticked the boxes.

The expectation was to create a safe space to reflect, explore and develop and staff stated their experience on the day facilitated just that.

We now have a true summary of the collective experience over the past 18 months, we also have a clear action plan further to the afternoons work. The first short life working group is tomorrow afternoon."

Drug and Alcohol Project Limited – Team Development day    August 5, 2014   

Your company previously provided training to our WCSA Staff with feedback being well received. Because of previous feedback and consistency it was agreed that we would use the same trainer. We also like to support local businesses and like to think that this includes value for money.

Many of our Community Support Assistants (CSA’s) work with clients who have been diagnosed with Dementia and the profile of this illness has been raised over the last few years.

The CSA’s are aware of the raised profile & we hoped to make them feel better equipped to deal with the increasing numbers of their clients who are identified as suffering from dementia.

Our expectations were that the CSA’s would come away from the training better equipped and more comfortable with the symptoms and how to understand the clients.

We believe our expectations were met and staff will be able to put into practice some lessons learned on a case by case basis.

Staff felt that the session was very informative – feedback on the following day indicated that they felt the training was pitched at the correct level and lasted long enough

We were happy with the training day; Barbara’s story engaged the CSA’s from the start and the discussions on their thoughts and experiences was wide ranging and beneficial to the group.

As line manager’s we were also happy to see the commitment of staff from different areas to the housing support service.

Argyll Community Housing Association    May 20, 2015    Lochgilphead